Only RM9.63 to Register Your Web Business Domain Name?

Now you can start your web business with own brand domain name for just RM9.63 (2.99USD). offer .info TLD (Top-Level-domain) name just for 2.99 USD a year, it’s really worth your money. But this type of TLD more suitable to use for niche market and not as your main website unless your business model purely provides information.

I have heard many people saying only register .com and never go for domain name such like .info because search engine never give much attention to them. I would say this message never carry truth at all, there are many .info web pages grasp first position in search engine result pages (SERP) and I have numerous .info in my ownership as well. Search engine assess and list your website in their SERP based on content and accessibility of your website.

I am not suggesting this type of TLD just based on their pricing only but why don’t we grasp the opportunity available to us to get started with minimum investment? I have come a cross with some saying if you don’t have money don’t come into web business. If that is the case I bet there won’t be billionaire like Bill Gates, Dell and more like them people in this world.

You can begin your web business journey with us for cheapest as RM8.25 per month (RM99 a Year) world class green web hosting. And you can learn how to make money online for free at my blog One Dollar Corner. Get connected with us for more information, thank you and have a great day.


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